Dreams that should NOT come true…

{ image via Corbis }

I had another wedding dream last night. We got to the ceremony and things were a mess. Our pastor wasn’t there, it was some older woman who had no idea what she was doing…kept flipping through pages and pages and could not find what she was supposed to read. And then all of a sudden we were married (I think?) but people didn’t know because she didn’t announce it at all. One big ol’ hot mess of a ceremony. Then everyone ended up coming over to our house (which was also a mess) instead of going to our reception venue and Mr.’s grandparents were complaining about it. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t remember seeing any of my family at all. And this is where I freaked out and just started cleaning the house in my wedding dress. (Note to self: have someone keep me a safe distance from any cleaning products on my wedding day just to be safe?)

Yikes. On another note…

Mr.’s parents went to a wedding at our venue last night and had a TON of feedback for us. The thing that bothered me the most is that our venue’s coordinator LEFT after the bridal party was announced!! I mean, really?? Wow. Well, this makes me even more relieved about our decision to have a Day-Of-Coordinator. Although it’s likely that we’d be ok without one, I think that I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day a bit more knowing that I won’t have to be the type-A personality to over-analyze everything for the day.

(sidenote: Saved by the Bell is on and it’s the episode where the girls fall in love with their substitute English teacher. They all daydream that they’re going to marry him…their dresses are totally late-80’s fab. Please tell me that I won’t ever look back at my dress and want to barf like I did with those dresses…)