Brides N Blooms


E posted on wholesale flowers yesterday, and I thought I would throw in my opinion.  I highly recommend Brides N Blooms. We ordered flowers for our wedding from them, and it was truly the easiest detail to finalize.  I called to ask questions because the website didn’t have all the information I needed (it really needs to be updated with more information). They were kind, gave me every detail I needed, shipped them to my in-laws house and called to check the status of delivery. I emailed them with an emergency question and they responded immediately by phone.  My sister in law also used them and the quality was the same. They can order anything you need at great rates.

If you’re not comfortable ordering online, but still want complete control.  You can go with a local wholesale florist.  They typically have rooms and fridges that can be rented out for your event.  You can store and arrange the flowers a couple days before, and have them picked up the day of.

E is right, it can be VERY stressful.  The hubby and I happen to have aunts who are very talented.  They both pitched in and did a great job.