Gray: Reader Board #9

All of our readers are so talented – and many of you are amazing bloggers and brides yourselves!  I have loved receiving reader creations during the past week and want to encourage and invite you to KEEP SENDING THINGS OUR WAY!  Inspiration boards, fantastic DIY projects, photos of your real weddings, ideas for us to post, vendors you think we should highlight, anything we have mentioned that you want more information on….  All of it.  You have it, we want it!  Send to <ead at elizabeth anne designs dot com>.

That being said, you all just keep coming out of the woodwork with AMAZING gray boards!  This board from Ms. Polka of the wonderful Polka Dot Bride (we’re so happy to be included in her Blog Love page) showcases my favorite color combo from last week: gray and brown (but in a completely different way than I did):

Sourced here

Ah, romance.  That’s what I think of when I see this board.  First of all, how gorgeous is that ballgown?  And how dapper is that suit?  This palette is chic, sophisticated, and oh-so-contemporary.  I love this take on it too; it’s so warm and inviting – and so different from my cool, slightly earthy [intlink id=”745″]board[/intlink]. 

Thank you so much, Ms. Polka, for sending over this board and giving our color week a mention on your fab blog!  And PS – check out her blog today for a world exclusive feature!