Ashley & Jason’s Pictures in the Snow

We are so lucky that the talented Tiffany Aicklen found our blog recently.  After she commented on one of our posts, naturally I had to visit her blog and W.O.W.  I was absolutely amazed.  And then when I saw this picture, I was hooked.

engagement photos in the snow

Tiffany is based out of Visalia, CA (I had to look this up – it’s near Fresno).  Obviously this area of California is near some fantastic scenery, particularly Shaver Lake, where these photos were shot.  I love this next series:


How adventurous are these two?  I’m sure they were freezing but these pictures definitely don’t show it.  Ashley is amazingly photogenic and I love the contrast of her dark and glamorous gown with the snow.


What is so great about these photos is Tiffany’s use of the snow to create such a timeless, soft, and slightly stormy background, yet Ashley and Jason are perfectly in the moment and focused and the overall feel is simply fantastic and edgy.

I’ll leave you with my favorite black and white from the shoot.  Thanks so much to Tiffany for passing along these gorgeous images – we look forward to showcasing more of your photography very soon!  Everyone give Tiffany some blog love!