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I know for me, deciding on my centerpieces was not easy.  Centerpieces and tablescapes can be simple or complex, elegant and formal or rustic.  They can set the mood and the look for your party or reception, and will be in your guests’ line of vision for much of the party. 

This month’s House Beautiful featured a GORGEOUS table setting from the famous and talented Monique Lhuillier which blew me away: 

Even though it is very monochromatic in color, it’s interesting because of the textures of the different elements she used.  In addition, this could be adapted to any color scheme.

To me, the scene-stealer is the fabulous floral centerpieces, which happen to be nestled inside a log.  Yes, a log!! 

Talk about creative, and definitely something you could DIY.  She carved out an area in the log to put her vases or floral foam inside.  This would also be really easy to transport and set up the day of as you could do it off site, and then just carry the logs in!

Reading through shelter magazines (which is a fancy term for magazines that focus on interior design) can provide tons of inspiration from tablescapes and entertaining to color palettes and mixing patterns.  How cool is this table setting??

Perfect for the beach setting it’s shown in. 

And this one is a little different take on the garden theme:

It uses actual potted plants, which is a very “green” way of adding greenery and color to your tables – you aren’t killing the plant, and can grow them at home!  Designer Bunny Williams used succulents as well as bulbs and topiaries in this setting.  These candles would fit right in:

As well as these napkin rings:

There are so many different options and details you can use to expand on your theme in the tablescape – the possibilities are endless!  Don’t be afraid to use inspiration from wherever you find it!  And you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money, either – creatively using everday materials (such as the log above) can turn them into fabulous focal points!

Have a great weekend everyone!