DIY Entry #31: Fall Centerpieces and Place Cards

LeAnn created her entire centerpiece and place card display.  Not only is it beautiful but get this – the total cost?  Less than $200 for SEVEN tables.  And that includes extra glass, gourds, and candles which she utilized around her venue.  Can we say awesome?

diy centerpieces non-floral

LeAnn says:

Our wedding was held in a historic mason along the Connecticut coast on October 3.  The goal was to develop a centerpiece that was appropriate for the setting, seasonal, unique on every table and for a very reasonable price.

The centerpieces were placed on a 24 inch square of upholstery that my Mother purchased (on sale of course!) and hemmed.  

diy candle centerpiece

Seating cards were lettered by a cousin on a “recycled” card stock and attached to gourd that we hand selected and purchased in bulk from a local farm stand.  The gourds were a hit and numerous guests collected a few to take home and enjoy.

diy place cards

Actual centerpieces were an assorted collection of glassware vintage and modern that was borrowed from family or purchased at Goodwill with a generous amount of candles to make things glow.

non-floral centerpieces