The Power of Flowers

Prepare thyselves…. these photos may induce jawdropping wonder.

{All images credited to Amy & Stuart}

When I saw these photos of Suthi and Sanjay’s devastatingly gorgeous wedding on WeddingbeePro, I just about died. As if the couple isn’t beautiful enough (her dress reminds me a bit of mine!), the floral arrangements just took my breath away, and for the first time, I started to have a more concrete vision for our tablescapes at the wedding.

The vintage goblets all came from the florist’s personal collection. Way to reuse!

The colors are absolutely stunning…. the warm glow of the colored glass and bright flowers is so inviting and cozy, while still funky and whimsical. Just what I dream for our day!

I am loving the use of textures, with feathers contrasting the flowers.

The ranunculus on the left are extraordinary in that glass!

Check out the gorgeous vignette that greeted the guests as they entered the space. They added special details like old family photos and old letters along with a custom family tree to set the mood and provide a sense of history.

I adore the simple brown wood tables with the moss tablerunners. I bet those runners would be pretty simple and inexpensive to DIY, too. But the tables at The Bungalow Club cry out for Sari table covers, and so I shall deliver. My only question is, if I use colorful saris, should I stick to ivory flowers in clear glass to add simplicity, or go for the bold with more colorful arrangements like the ones above?

Tell me oh ladies of great style, what would you do?

All images credited to Amy & Stuart
Event Planner: Angel Swanson
Flowers by: Holly Flora