Designer Dresses for a Discount

We all know that in Math, multiplying a + with a – results in a -.  This also rings true to some real life dilemmas as well.

I found my Dress.  I did.  It was the first and only time  I didn’t want to try on “just one more” dress afterwards.  As I was slowly undressing, relishing each detail of its exquisite design the sales associate started pulling another dress off its hanger for me to try on.  I said to her, “STOP” with so much conviction I surprised myself.  This dress is definitely The One.  It’s all business in the front but party in the back, just like me and our wedding (that will be held in a traditional Roman Catholic cathedral in Chicago followed by a party at a very unconventional factory/loft space.

The only problem is, I can’t afford it.  It’s not very far off my budget, but far enough to make me stop.  Even if we found a way to make it work, and my mother promised me we can, it just doesn’t rest well with me that a dress I will wear one time costs as much as my band or photographer or my band and photographer and cake combined.  Believe me, I have on impulse bought many overpriced quality items and designer duds, but only because I use them for over and over again for many years to come.  This  – wearing the dress one-time only thing –  seriously restrains my inner shopaholic.

This is the dress however, and I will get it.

I am giving myself until August 2009 (10 months before my wedding) to try to find the dress on sample racks or online at half the cost.  If I don’t find it by then, I will suck it up and purchase the dress withe the 10% trunk show discount.

I’ve already started looking on used dress websites like and  I found my dress three times, 2 times already sold and one time two sizes too small.  I will continue to search for it religiously.

In addition to online, I plan on going to all the sample and off the rack salons in NYC and am preparing for Filene’s infamous Running of the Brides this summer in July, hoping to find this dress for only $699 or even less – wouldn’t that be dreamy?

It’s a lot more work, but since I have the time I cannot justify biting the bait so soon.  Do any of you know other online sites or have any ideas on where to get popular designer wedding dresses for less?